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ClearScan UV-C Sanitizer Pen

A sanitizer pen that will protect you and your loved ones.

Sanitize everyday items with ease.

Patented technology that eliminates 99.99% of Coronavirus germs, bacteria found on escalators.


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As the public venture out into this new age of heightened hygiene post lockdown, it is imperative to provide them with reassurance that the most up-to-date health and safety precautions are in place ready upon their return.

The alternative to Clearwin for escalator handrail hygiene is to remain with time consuming and expensive manual cleaning using harsh chemicals; is it good enough and how does it compare?




Clearwin Machine


As we mark almost 12 months of global pandemic, now is not the time for complacency, but planned Preventive action to embark on the highest form of hygiene as we witness spikes in this virus with multiple waves expected in the coming months.

Preventive Planning is crucial, combined with the knowledge where bacteria and virus’s are most commonly found is the responsibility of everyone ensuring the highest sanitization is applied.

Proven that all escalator handrails are a “hotbed” for bacteria and viruses living on surfaces for up to 12 hours, must surely take top priority where there is any mass of people utilizing and touching these handrails?

Without recommendations from an authority or budget restrictions, it is the obligation and responsibility of every facility with installed escalators to be accountable for their Preventive Planning and sanitization of these handrails knowing the threat of how bacteria thrive on these surfaces and multiplied where masses of people are present.

As a step towards a cleaner and greener environment, Clearwin is the only known escalator handrail sterilizer certified against COVID-19 today at 99.99% and is a fully Trademarked product in the UAE.

Allow us to be part of your Preventive Planning going forward by demonstrating the effectiveness of Clearwin at your facility at “no cost” to you and prove what makes Clearwin the most viable option, when considered to conventional cleaning methods of escalator handrails.

At a cost of “much less than a cup of coffee per day” with clear visibility showing continuous sterilization in process, Clearwin provides the public with reassurance that the most up-to-date precautions are in place when installed on any escalator handrails.

This pandemic is far from over and unless Preventive Planning measures are taken immediately to sanitize escalator handrails where masses of people are prone to touch and hold these handrails, we face the possibility of extending this pandemic further. We are all responsible and accountable for our contributions to fight this pandemic!


Introducing The ClearScan UV-C Sanitizer Pen

Light and compact for its portability yet effective. A sanitizer pen that will protect you and your loved ones.

POWERFUL SANITIZING OF PROVEN UV-C LEDS: 99.99% sanitizing rate for COVID-19 virus.

PORTABILITY: Light weight and compact size with its pen shape.

MODERN DESIGN: Perfect fit for urban life style.

SAFE: Double cap with operating timer to protect the user.

SEMI-PERMANENT LIFESPAN: The device can be used up to 720 times after just 30 minutes of charging. (activates for 10 seconds after pressing the on button)

Clearwin - An effective solution against Coronavirus germs, bacteria found on escalators.

As we embark onto a new age of hygiene, the Clearwin sanitizer unit is a step towards a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the returning public will bring with them a vigilance and demand for heightened cleanliness that has never been seen before. ClearwinUAE is a step towards a cleaner and greener environment.

The solution of tomorrow, available to you, today.

Considering the current situation and sensitivity globally surrounding the Coronavirus today, our Clearwin Escalator Handrail Sanitizer is an immediate solution for now and in the future where many escalators are in service today. With millions of people utilizing escalators as either shoppers or passengers, they are immediately stepping onto escalators where the surface of the handrail is a hotbed of bacteria. This is a known fact.


Through the innovation of Clearwin Korea Co; Ltd. continuous sanitization of the escalator handrail through our device, offers not only effectiveness against all bacteria and viruses, but an awareness of the public to hold the rail voluntarily. From a hygienic safety aspect our Clearwin unit enhances the experience to shoppers and passengers alike, providing awareness of sanitization when using any escalator with our device installed.


We sincerely believe, this is not for choice, but essential in today’s environment and for the cost of “less than a cup of coffee per day”, is a huge factor when enhancing your customer experience and consideration for their safety.


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